REVIEW: Review: 2006 Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna Travel with Kids, Tweens, Preteens, Teens, and Family

Surprise Trip to Disney World! You can only plan a surprise vacation once. Our older kids were VERY surprised. We put notes in their lunchboxes, picked them up from school, and drove to the airport. The 3-year-old saw me packing but seemed surprised.

PROS…as of 2014

Passenger side sliding door in the 2006 Toyota Sienna is great for kids. Easy to get in and out of van. Also great for carpool drop off and pickup as my kids can easily get out of van with push of button. Also I can close the door from a button above rear-view mirror.

Van‘s seating is roomy. Second row chairs are comfy. Third row bench is reasonably comfy. Main feature is that entire 3rd row bench can be folded in to floor. Or you can fold 1 seat or 2-seat in 3rd row.

Lots of storage. I have folded down 3rd row bench and folded up 2nd row chairs to haul daughter’s stuff to college, shelves and small pieces of furniture, and lots of Costco shopping trips.

CONS…as of 2014

Not a fault of the car but I hate that I drive 250 miles per week to take one kid to school. I’m in a carpool as well, which helps. I would have put SO many more miles on the car without the carpool. I’m close to 225,000 miles, which is really high for an almost 8-year-old vehicle.

I wish that there was an automatic door on driver’s side for passenger.

Car only has radio/CD. Would love Sirius and built-in GPS. I have had one Tom Tom GPS stolen from my can. I wore out the charging cord of a Garmin GPS.

Yes. Great van. Seats 7. Fits multiple car seats and booster seats. Center console is great for storing CDs. Lots of cup holders. Upholstery and carpet have withstood my 3 kids, about 10 carpool kids over a 3-year period, and an assortment of playmate friends over the years.

Update…as of 2024

The 2006 Toyota Sienna was a true workhorse. We had it for 13 years before it needed a significant repair. 254,288 miles! Two kids learned to drive in the 2006 Toyota Sienna. We traveled all over place…Ocean City, Maryland; Rhinebeck, New York; World of Coca Cola, Atlanta, Georgia; Williamsburg, Virginia; Millersville, Pennsylvania; Daytona, Florida; Wildwood, New Jersey; Baltimore, Maryland; Sesame Place; Hershey Park; Dutch Wonderland; swim meets; volleyball tournaments; golf matches; and more. We traded in the 2006 Toyota Sienna for a 2020 Toyota Sienna. What can I say? I don’t like change!

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