Reflections on a Good Day of Volleyball

Volleyball MomIt’s a fact that I am a Volleyball Mom who is not the least bit sporty. I have three kids and a husband who more than make up forĀ  my shortcomings by being extremely sporty.

The teen plays volleyball. She swims in the summer…somewhat under duress.

The tween plays volleyball AND swims yearround…not under duress.

The 6-year-old plays soccer, t-ball, and recently started karate.

Coach Dad is a lover of the Skins, the Terps, and whichever team the kids are playing on.

And then there is me. Little old me. I am not what you call sporty. Never played on team…except for dodgeball at recess. And yes I was always picked last. I played netball — British version of basketball where you throw, but don’t dribble the ball — and rounders — Brit version of baseball with a tiny bat…in years of playing I never connected to the ball…not once — and field hockey in school P.E. lessons. Perhaps, my P.E. teacher set a bad example? She never wore sneakers AND drove her car to the athletic field while we walked. I did win silver in my health club raquetball league…but one of my opponents never showed up and the other? The other broke her arm. So yes I won silver by playing one raquetball match.

But, today I proudly spent 6 hours in the DC Convention Center watching the teen play Volleyball at the Capital Hill Volleyball Classic. I may not be sporty, but I am a Volleyball Mom!

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