Happy Valentine’s Day, Tween and Teen

Over the years I have made Valentine’s Day special for my kids.

I help my children write/create/decorate Valentine’s for class parties.

When my middle child was in preschool I was the coop parent at ALL parties — helping with games, serving food, and enjoying watching the little ones.

I have provided snacks for parties.

With my tween and teen, I paid for the Lollipop Lips that they gave out this year instead of giving out Valentine’s Day cards. Apparently, tweens and teens in middle school find cutesy Valentine’s cards childish. A lollipop in the shape of lips is apparently SO much more mature!

This year is different. After back-to-snow storms, I never got a chance  to shop for Valentine’s treats for the kids. I keep a secret stash in the basement, but my stash is mostly a few craft kids I was saving for Easter baskets.

We’re in DC for the weekend…staying at a hotel. It’s more convenient to be close to the DC Convention Center than have to rely on the Metro, which often does not run early enough on the weekends for us to get to the teen’s volleyball matches.

So…this year, my Valentine’s Day present to my kids is a weekend at a very nice hotel in D.C. The teen is excited to be  staying in a hotel. The tween loves getting to watch TV from  bed. The kid and I visited the Air & Space Museum — so he was super happy, plus he bought himself an Able in a spacesuit from the Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian.

What about me? I love staying in hotels. Now of course squeezing 5 of us in a hotel room is snug to say the least! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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