Make a Break for It: Snowbound in D.C.

Roads — Plowed.
Driveway — Clear.
Suitcases — Packed.
Kids — Excited.
Adults — Relieved.

At the unseemly hour of 6 a.m. Coach Dad, the tween, and the teen,  fired up the old SUV…loaded up the bags…packed the snacks…and headed out of Dodge. After almost a week snowbound, it was a blessing to be able to leave our home.

Our family is sports mad. Coach Dad loves watching Redskins, Terps, and any game the kids are playing. The kids each play multiple sports. With kids sports, on any given game day or practice weather can be a factor. Soccer is frequently cancelled for rain. T-ball and lacrosse have their share of game cancellations. But volleyball and swimming are usually exempt from weather cancellations since both are indoor sports.

This volleyball/swimming season is unprecedented. Volleyball — three tournaments were cancelled due to snow. The fact that we are at the DC Convention Center for the Capitol Hill Classic is unprecedented after the amount of snowfall we have had….close to 3 feet of snow have accumulated at our home between DC and Baltimore.

And let’s not forget swimming… While some of the kids missed swim meets during the snowstorm in December, the tween has missed many practices. I must admit to being impressed or appalled by the dedication of her swim team. When everything else in Howard and Carroll County was cancelled, swim team practice was not scrubbed. Come rain, come snow, come winds, we will have swim practice!

A text late today let me know that the teen’s team had won one game, but all in all had had a hard time. With volleyball, there is always another day, but it is better for a team to win as many games as they can to ensure a place in the medal rounds.

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