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This throwback photo has EVERYTHING…dad helping two kids navigate a CD-ROM game that was probably too advanced, rack of CD-ROM games, cluttered desk of papers, ruler, and pens, tiny flat screen monitor that was big for 2005, massive tower, uncomfortable folding chairs that were put in place so that kids wouldn’t get too comfortable, and finally a shelf of art projects.

3/30/2014: I’m not a tech blogger, but when I list off the tech stuff we have I might as well be one!

The three kids each have their own iPad and iTouch. The older two (15 and 17) each have an iPhone and a regular Kindle. The youngest (10) has a Kindle Fire. As the only grandchildren on my husband’s side, my three are spoiled when it comes to gadgets. Before the iPads, the grandparents got each a laptop.

By comparison, my husband and I are a bit tech poor. Each of us has an Android phone. Neither of us have an iPad. I don’t even use the kids’ iPads if given the chance as I much prefer my laptop or desktop. Occasionally I use the Kindle Fire, but find it clunky to use.

My youngest uses his iPad for games mostly. The 15 yo and 17 yo use theirs to watch Netflix. My youngest has a couple of book apps but prefers to read paperbacks. My 17 yo uses her regular Kindle all the time.

The older two got their iPhones as birthday gifts from the grandparents, but they “earn” the monthly service fees for their phones by getting good grades, doling chores as assigned, etc. When grades or attitudes slip, the phone, iPad, and laptop are confiscated and they may only use the desktop.

And then there’s the gaming systems, we have:

3/18/2024: I now have 3 young adults. No more teens or tweens or kids. Sad face. Two kids are college graduates embracing life, work, and then some. One kid is a college student. Two live in their own places. One lives in a college dorm.┬áIt’s over 10 years since I started this post and so much has changed:

  • The PS2 is long gone. Sold to Gamestop…maybe…or donated…or taken to the landfill?
  • The PS3 is only used for RockBand and wrestling games.
  • The PS4 was a workhorse that died an untimely death. Just gave up the ghost.
  • The XBox 360 is now used as a DVD player…yes…I still have racks of DVDs…and albums…and VHS tapes…and cassette tapes…
  • The new addition is the PS5. Have you tried the PULSE Explore Wireless Earbuds? Or the PlayStation 5 Pulse 3D Wireless Headset?
  • The saddest epilogue is that though WiiU still works, the Wii does not. Sad face. My youngest’s ridiculously named Miis are gone…RIP zip0jo, fdgegib, and a host of his pre-reading character naming. My one and only Mii that was used for Wii Tennis is lost forever. I played very little on the Wii, but occasionally my Mii would show up in the crowd. I was an NPC!

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