Holiday Gift Guide: An XBox 360 Kinect Game for EVERYONE on Your List! Kinect Sports Dance Central Kinectimals Nat Geo TV











Did you know you can get an XBox for as little as $99? I was surprised too! And the 4GB XBox with Kinect is also $99. And the 250 GB is also $99. The 250 GB with Kinect is $149. These deals are part of the XBox for Kinect “Entertainment for All” sale.

But, that is not all…all of their award-winning family games with Kinect are also available at steep discounts in time for the holidays. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most celebrated games for kids at the best prices ever.











For less than $20:

  • Kinect Sports: A previous winner of a Parent’s Choice award, this game is one to get the kids off the couch and moving even in the gloomy winter weather. << My sports-playing family LOVED this game!
  • Dance Central: There are now three seasons of this amazingly fun game, but season one is just as hilariously fun as the others and a steal in stores right now! << The kids loved seeing themselves on the big screen!
  • Kinectimals: Also a former winner of the Parent’s Choice gold award and a hit for the youngest gamers in your household and its sequel “Kinectimals Now With Bears” is available for the same incredible price. << My rough and tumble kid is more of an action game fan, but he LOVED Kinectimals. And I loved watching him pretend to be the animals in the game. So cute watching him learn how to move his body to get the animal where he needed to go. << I picked up a couple of the Kinectimals Build-a-Bear Workshop bears (you can also get an FAO SChwartz Kinectimals Bear, too) at a blogging event…so cute and cuddly to play with or use as you play the game.
  • Kinect Disneyland Adventures:  Another Parent’s Choice Gold Award winner, this game will bring the magic of Disneyland into your living room letting your kids explore the park through the magic of Kinect. << My “style” of role-playing gaming is to move about on screen whichever way I can and not worry about what happens next. Not the most skillful way of playing but I have fun. My son ROARED with laughter watching me play this game. Even I was laughing at how many times I fell off a bridge or in to a large hole.











Less than $30:

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