Making Everything Work…Is It Possible?

It’s the blogger’s dilemma isn’t it? We chose blogging for the flexibility and freedom. We love that we can work from home or from the office or from Starbucks or from the airport. We love that we can work around our kids and their schedules. We love the flexibility of it all.

I love working from home. I love setting my own hours. I’m my own boss. No one is here to give me grief over not doing something. I love the flexibility of working from home.

But. I Cannot. Switch. Off. I could stay on the computer all day and not get everything done. My to do list is a mile long. I can’t switch off. I have to check that one last thing…write one more post. Some days I wonder if I should quit blogging and get an outside-the-house job. Would be so much easier to go to a job each day, clock in, have someone else hand me assignments, do the work, then clock out at the end of the day.

But I had that sort of job back in the pre-kid days. I clocked in but never really clocked out. I would regularly carry armloads and bag loads of papers home to work. No matter whether I worked 5 regular days or 4 long days and one half day, I STILL brought work home. It is who I am.

Blogging and my work ethic towards blogging is not a million miles from the way I was at my last in-the-office job. I’m incorrigible. I’m never able to switch off my work brain when I get home. Now that I work from home, I never completely forget about work. My kids tease me about grabbing for my phone at dinner. I try not to, but sometimes I just can’t help it.

Do you work from home? Do you work in an office? A combination of both? How do you manage your work/home balance?

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