Holiday Gift Guide: Relief for Chapped Lips and a Cute Stocking Stuffer #holidaygiftguide

I don’t need to see a thermometer or watch a weather report to know that winter is coming. My hands are the first to react to the cold weather. I can feel the tops of my hand get dry. The skin around my fingers gets tight, then dry, and eventually cracks. Ouch. Quite painful. Next, my lips get dry. I start licking my lips. I notice that my lips are always dry. Eventually my lips crack a little. Double ouch.

I’m a bit stubborn…what can I say…I’m a Taurus. I know that I need to use lotion on my hands and lip balm on my lips. I know this. I have a stash of lotions and lip balms. I’m not good about using these care products regularly. I’m determined this winter to look after myself…first. Because I have to be healthy in order to care for my family. Just think of the oxygen mask. In order to care for your kids in the event of an emergency, put on your mask first, then help the children on with their masks.

This winter I was invited me to be part of the Carmex Blog Squad.I was sent a couple of products for review: two Carmex Everyday Lip Conditioner. I handed one to each of my daughters as both had mentioned that they had chapped lips. The shipment from Carmex could not have been more timely!

The Carmex Lip Conditioner features 13 lip-loving ingredients to keep lips soft and smooth all winter long. Also, available from Carmex are Lip Balms where clear, odorless mineral oil is added to the classic Carmex formula. With just a squeeze, your chapped lips receive silky-smooth treatment.

You can connect with @Carmex on Twitter.

Fina a retailer near you that sells Carmex products.

Click on a coupon or two to try out Carmex.

I was sent the item to facilitate my review. The opinions included in the post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.


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