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Lately we’ve had a run of ill health and kids off school and even a “I never take a sick day husband” around here. I have instituted a sick day policy for all kids. This is the first year that my son is included since last year he was home all day with me. The kids like the policy except for not “playing games with a plug”…but I am standing my ground on that one.

I have a sick day routine now that all my kids are in school (girls, 10 and 13; and boy, 5):

– TV in the morning in family room
– Nap/rest time in the afternoon in bedroom
– Sick child gets couch, bed pillow, large bottle of water, blanket, and control of remote
– No wii, DS, or PS2 games while home sick — if you are well enough for games you need to go to school
– I will bring in foods on a tray at breakfast time and lunchtime
– I prepare foods I think are good for sick kids. I avoid dairy and heavy flavored items. Soup, crackers, dried cereal in a cup, cutup fruit, apple sauce, juice.
– If child is vomiting, I will cover couch with a large towel and bring out the plastic tub that the children were bathed in in the hospital nursery. I keep everything!
– A doctor’s visit is done if child is sick with high fever, sore throat, or has excessive vomiting

Sick day policies at the Musings from Me household.

* Photo of Dyson vacuum thrown in for good measure because I really want Dyson to take pity on my lack of a fully functioning vacuum and decide to let me permanently testdrive a Dyson.

Dear Dyson

I promise that I will not drive this vacuum in to the ground like I have done with other vacuums. Promise!


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3 comments for “Musing on Sick Day Policy for Kids

  1. Midwest Mom
    February 24, 2009 at 8:19 pm

    Sorry you’re battling germs. It’s just that time of year, I guess.

    I like your cover-the-couch rule. We put a waterproof crib matress pad and crib sheet on the love seat (perfect size!) to make the sickie bed. With a beach towel along the back, it is perfect!

    Good luck with Dyson! No home should be without a vacuum!

  2. Elizabeth Channel
    February 25, 2009 at 2:45 am

    Oh, we are right there with you, although I don’t have an official policy. I like your policy so much I am adopting it myself! Thanks! You saved me some time.

    I covet that Dyson. I got the knock-off–the Infinity. And I have to say I like it. Mine is electric blue!

  3. Nightowl Mama
    March 1, 2009 at 5:11 am

    Hope u’r feeling better soon. Clicking on my way out

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