Virginia Beach: Soaking Up the Sun and More

The beach is THE best place to vacation. How do I know this? I polled a representative group who overwhelming told me that the beach is THE best vacation spot. Of course, none in the group I polled was over 18. None would be willing to pay for a beach vacation. And all are my children, but…they are a hard group to ignore!

We’re in the fortunate position of having a number of awesome beaches in driving distance from our home. One beach city in particular has always piqued my interest. I have never visited this beach, although I know many friends who have. What beach is this? Virginia Beach!

As a mom who not only blogs about travels but has a hand in planning fun vacations for her family, I wanted to find out why everyone raves about Virginia Beach. My first stop was to find out about the beaches, of course.

I found out that the beach areas of Chesapeake Bay, the Resort Area, and Sandbridge comprise the 35 miles of Virginia Beach.

  • Campers, bikers, and runners will love exploring the Chesapeake Bay Beach. This low-key alternative is adjacent to the First landing State Park.
  • Those who want access to live music, street performers, outdoor cafes, and a busy boardwalk will love the main Resort area of Virginia Beach.
  • In the southern part of Virginia Beach is Sandbridge, which features ocean-view homes and condos. Those visiting Sandbridge will be struck by the quiet and relaxed atmosphere.

There is of course more to Virginia Beach than just the sandy beaches and ocean waves. I learned that there is plenty to keep you occupied when not swimming and surfing.

  • Fishing and golf are just two of the many sports/activities that you can try when visiting Virginia Beach.
  • When not sunning yourself on the sandy beaches, why not try your hand at parasailing or jet skiing? Or, for a more relaxed time, why not take a boat tour.
  • History buffs need look no further than local First Landing State Park where our forefathers lived, or perhaps a visit to the Adam Thoroughgood House would be in order.

Since Virginia Beach, VA, is in driving distance of major cities, like Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Richmond, it is the ideal destination for a family vacation. From sunning to sailing to sightseeing, Virginia Beach has something to interest every member of your family.

For more information on what Virginia Beach has to offer to you:

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