Daily Buzz: It’s All About May Flowers

I love May…always have. It’s not just the abundance of May flowers. I’m not a gardener and pretty much have a black thumb, but seeing a row of flowers makes me very happy indeed.

From year to year, I always forget that my husband planted a bunch (pun intended) of flowers a few years ago that are a source of constant surprise to me each May. I will drive up or down the driveway and do a doubletake when I see the flowers blooming in the beds in front of our home.

Flowers in December? Why not!

A bunch of flowers is just so fun, isn’t it? Flower can make a day a little brighter.

Two Saturdays ago my husband found the most fun and unusual bouquet of flowers for our daughter. I wish I could find a pic to post…I’m sure I have one somewhere. He found a bunch of daisies where each flower was dyed a bright color. The flowers were blue, green, yellow, pink, and even purple. A few of the shades would never occur in the natural order of flowers, but dyed flowers are a fun treat…eye catching, too.

Our daughter loved the bouquet of brightly colored daisies. She liked how unusual they were. We all enjoyed seeing the flowers on display on the kitchen table.

Over the years, we have celebrated holidays and special occasions with flowers. I’ll never forget giving my little girls flowers on the day of their big dance recitals. The bouquets were probably bigger than they were! My MIL in recent years is not always able to attend events due to health, so she will send flowers for the piano recital or band concert. My kids love seeing their flowers arranged in a vase on the kitchen table.

What is your favorite flower?

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