5 Tips for Summer Swimming Fun #swimming #swimteam #swimmom

Wahoos Photo 20091. Join a Swim Club or Pool

We are at the pool daily. Often we go to the pool on Saturdays and Sundays. I don’t know what I would do without our pool membership. It is our home away from home. Although 12 years ago, I had a hard time convincing my husband that joining a pool was a good idea. He was not interested. He thought the yearly pool membership was expensive. Not too mention the costly bond that you only get back when you cancel your membership. I convinced him by pointing out that we spend a huge amount of $$ on day trips and summer camps. With a pool membership, we had a place to go each and every day. Finally he agreed. We haven’t had a moment where we we regretted joining.With a few pool toys, we were set for tons of fun at the pool!

James Novice Breast Cropped2. Sign Children Up For Swim Team

Before I joined a swim club, I was only vaguely aware of swim team. I grew up in England where only a handful of my friends were on school sports teams (all girls Catholic school) and not a single kid was on an after school sports team. I knew I wanted my children to play sports, but more or less assumed that they would play soccer or softball. Swimming on swim team didn’t enter my consciousness until I talked to other moms after joining the pool. By our second year at the swim club, I had enrolled my kids on the swim team. My daughters were 5 and 8. My son a baby at the time would have to wait a few more years to join. Soon enough I was toting kids, swim goggles, team swimsuits, and swim backpacks to the pool each day for swim team practice.

2011 Swimming Hotel Pool3. Swim In Hotel Pools

Many times we have arrived at a hotel and the first thing the kids have said is “Can we swim in the pool?” I’ll admit that after hours of driving or a long flight, the last thing I want to do is go swimming. As soon as walked in to the hotel room, the kids wasted no time putting on their swimsuits. My husband is the one game for the hotel pool runs. When the kids were little, both of us needed to be in the pool to keep kids safe. Now they are older, one of us…usually my husband…will take the kids to the hotel pool.

2011 Ocean City Beach Scopes Photo4. Swim At The Beach

Going to the beach as a child was an endurance test. The water was freezing. The weather cold. My grandmother would sit in our car drinking tea from a thermos while my dad and I played on the beach. Beach going in the north of England is not for the faint of heart. Brrr…is all I can say about that experience. My kids will always have more positive experiences from our yearly trips to Ocean City, MD. They love EVERYTHING about the beach…swimming…hanging with their cousins and grandparents…building sandcastles…body boardingplaying with beach toysWhat is your favorite beach?

2011 California Adventure Jim James5. Take The Plunge On Water Rides

My first experience ever at an amusement park was a trip to Kings Dominion with my college friend, jeff. It was the mid 80s when he and I ventured to southern Virginia. We were on opposite sides of the spectrum…he is a roller coaster enthusiast and I had been to one water park without rides in England. I remember swimming and diving in pools on a class trip to Alton Towers, but don’t remember any water rides. Did Alton Towers have rides in the 1980s? To say I was terrified of my first water rides would be an understatement. I assumed my death was imminent as I hurtled down the log flume. Let’s not even talk about the roller coasters. My kids are more in to amusement park rides and roller coasters than water rides, but they still have fun on log flumes and river rapids rides. What is your favorite amusement park?

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