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All roads should lead to vacation!

Disclosure: I received a 4-pack of First Aid Shot Therapy and a $50 Safeway Gift Card as compensation for writing this post from First Aid Shot Therapy and Sverve. The views expressed in this post are my own.

Preparing for a trip is stressful. There’s the travel logistics…buying airline tickets, coordinating vacation dates with work and school, planning your trip. There’s the laundry…everyone in the family has “that” outfit or shirt that is a must-have for vacation. There’s the packing. Where are those suitcases anyway? There’s the search for flips flops, beach chairs, umbrellas, sun screen, and all the other travel essentials. Where are the pain meds?! Bandaids? First aid kit? At some point in the travel prep process, like me, you will want to throw your hands in the air and give up. But you don’t. You know your family will have fun on a trip. You know you need a break from the humdrum of calendars, school, carpool, laundry,and dinner prep. Vacations are fun…once the travel logistics are set and the packing is done, of course.

Sverve First Aid Shot Therapy Safeway HEB Backpack

Packing all your travel essentials for vacation

When I was 11, I traveled alone for the first time. I was scared but I did it. I traveled from New Jersey to Manchester, England, to live with my grandmother while my parents and sister stayed in the N.J. to sell our home. I vividly remember my mother packing my backpack with travel essentials I would need on the flight and when I arrived at my grandmother’s home. She packed a couple of Nancy Drew books, a notebook and pens, a skateboard, and a teddy bear. My grandmother bought me toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and first aid items when I arrived. I had all the travel essentials needed for my trip and then some.

Sverve First Aid Shot Therapy Safeway HEB Philadelphia

Family vacations are fun…until you get sick.

When I pack for a trip, I go by the philosophy that you can never overpack, but you can underpack. There is nothing worse than having to race around buying travel essentials when you arrive at your hotel or paying high prices at the airport for deoderant, bandaids, first aid kits you know you have at home. For me, it’s always better to be prepared. Better safe than sorry as the old saying goes! On a trip to Philadelphia a few years ago, my overpacking of travel essentials paid off. As you can see in the photo above my husband and two children had a blast on that trip visiting Philadelphia. While they were exploring Philadelphia, I was sick with stomach issues. I stayed in our hotel room for 2 days sipping Gatorade and sleeping. I was miserable but so relieved that I had packed the first aid kit. Although I wish I had had First Aid Shot Therapy’s Heartburn with me. Read on for a chance to win a Sample Pack of First Aid Shot Therapy AND a $25 Safeway Gift Card!

Sverve First Aid Shot Therapy Safeway HEB Hotel Luggage

If packing was an Olympic event, I would win GOLD.

I’ve never packed light…ever! When I was 15 and flew from England to New York with my younger sister to visit my dad, I packed as though I was going on an around-the-world expedition. I more clothes, books, and other travel essentials than I needed for the 3 weeks I stayed with my dad while he was on a work assignment in Philadelphia. When I arrived in Philadelphia, my dad stocked up on toiletries, shampoo, and first aid essentials for our vacation needs. I’d rather overpack than underpack any day of the week!I should be packing for a college visit trip but I’m not. Instead I’m writing a blog post about packing for a trip. I’m too funny! As I write this post, I’m writing my list of travel essentials…killing two birds with one stone!

Sverve First Aid Shot Therapy Safeway HEB Hotel

Checking in to the hotel room with all our travel essentials.

Pack Travel Essentials For Your Trip

  • Shop for travel essentials at your local grocery store, Safeway or HEB.
  • Purchase toothpaste, deodorant, travel shampoo and conditioner, individual packs of tissue paper, and hair brushes for the family.
  • Give every family member a small toiletry bag for their travel essentials to pack in their suitcase.
  • Buy first aid travel essentials: band aids, antiseptic ointment, cold medicine, and First Aid Shot Therapy. See below for a chance to win a Sample Pack of First Aid Shot Therapy AND a $25 Safeway Gift Card.
  • Use one large toiletry bag for yourself to hold your travel essentials and first aid items, like First Aid Shot Therapy, prescription medications, and band aids.

Sverve First Aid Shot Therapy Safeway HEB ProductsWhat Is First Aid Shot Therapy?

  • F.A.S.T. or First Aid Shot Therapy is an “easy-to-swallow, single dose product.”
  • First Aid Shot Therapy sprays provide fast-acting relief for everyday symptoms of pain, heartburn, colds, and hangovers.
  • First Aid Shot Therapy comes in 4 types: Pain, Heartburn, Cold, and Hangover.
  • First Aid Shot Therapy was developed by Mary Page Platerink and Jay Pasricha, M.D. Platerink and Pasricha used “their extensive experience in understanding consumers” coupled “with understanding pain and upset stomach treatment.”
  • The makers of First Aid Shot Therapy have manufactured a “range of products that deliver F.A.S.T. effective relief” for common ailments.

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