Holiday Gift Guide: Peter Walsh’s It’s All Too Much

I participated in an online webinar over the summer with Peter Walsh. Many great back-to-school organizational tips. In this house, we could use all the organizational help we can get.

Peter Walsh It's All Too MuchIn my quest to make my house a “clutter-free zone” rather than the “Hoarders” poster child house, I was excited to get my hands on a copy of Peter Walsh’s It’s All Too Much, So Get It Together.

This book is ideal for the mom or dad of a teen or even preteen. As we all know the teen bedroom can be as neat as a pin, but might just be a cluttered nightmare.

My kids’ rooms by the numbers:

  • no floor space visible
  • any attempt to vaccum will result in a broken vacuum and the irritated pout of a teen who is annoyed that her favorite ipod headphones are now wrapped around the vacuum
  • laundry on the floor… now the question is “clean” v. “dirty”
  • neatly folded clothes jammed in drawers. Mom weeps silently at the time spent sorting through, purging, and labelling drawers in said teen’s room
  • assorted detritus and other flotsam and jetsam on the floor, underneath the bed, on the bed, on the desk, under the desk*

Peter Walsh lays out step-by-step how to tackle clutter.

  • Part 1 — talk about the clutter.
  • Part 2 — step-by-step guide to decluttering your space.
  • Part 3 — Applying these skills to the rest of your life — everyday, school, family, and future.

Peter Walsh breaks down the chapters in to manageable chunks. You can pick up the book, read a relevant chapter, declutter, and come back to the book for more advice. Each chapter also includes a quiz. Peppy graphics and crazy typefaces make it a good read for teens and their parents.

The book sells for $9.35 on amazon. Follow Peter Walsh on Twitter and Facebook.

Peter Walsh DVDWalsh has a DVD coming out — It’s All Too Much. During the video, Peter takes viewers room-to-room within a home offering ideas, tips and solutions for common clutter challenges. As an organization expert, author and regular TV guest, Peter is known for his positive, fun-loving approach to organizing one’s home, life and mind, which is brought to life in his new DVD. Take a look at the video preview at

I was given a copy of Peter Walsh’s book to review.

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