Cyber Monday 2009

I avoid shopping Black Friday. Been there, done that. Getting up early = not fun. Now Cyber Monday is another story.

Last Christmas I did practically all my shopping online. It was amazing to get everything done and a little exciting as I anticipated when a package would arrive. I had a couple of close calls where I raced down to basement to stash stuff. Love keeping one step ahead of kids!

Cyber Monday was coined by Site listes 650 stores, including Walmart, etc. will give out 5 gift cards each day for people following on Facebook and Twitter. Over 33 different retailers. Gift cards of at least $50 in value.

Good idea: Download security software — AVG. Good for online shopping.  Provides you with a firewall for your home computer network.

Shipping charges: Why are charged so high to ship? Many retailers are offering free shipping with some conditions. Over half of retailers will offer free shipping with no conditions. will show discounts, deals, and sales for the holiday season.  Don’t wait until last minute as stock may run out.

Should you shop using a mobile device? Recommendation is that you do research on phone, but buy from home computer where security is in place.

So where are you shopping on Cyber Monday? I’m all the way with Prime shipping. If I cannot get it by amazon Prime, I’m not buying it! What about you? Leave a comment.

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