ZipnGo Blanket: Perfect for Outdoors and Indoors

Zip-n-go Blanket

Just before Christmas I found out that I won a huge assortment of gifts from For days I was opening packages and exclaiming over the sheer wonderfulness of the gifts. So generous!

One of my favorites was the Zip-n-go Blanket. As soon as I saw it I knew it would become an essential part of our “going to sporting activities” kit. All three of my children are playing sports year round. My daughters play volleyball. The Zip-n-go Blanket will come in handy when my kids lie on dusty gym floors waiting for the next game to start. My son plays T-ball this spring. I will take the blanket to his games. Two of my children swim. Often swim meets are held in drafty pools — a waterproof blanket will come in handy at the pool.

Zip-n-go Blanket is an Outdoor Blanket, a Weather-Proof Blanket, a Picnic Blanket, a Stadium Blanket, and Water Resistant Blanket that folds and zips and becomes its own tote bag that is targeted toward babies and moms, outdoor living and activities, sports (soccer, baseball, and football games), and dogs.

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Zip-n-go Blanket a Product of Alpha Omega Goods, Inc.
Zip-n-go Blanket — “The Weatherproof Blanket That Zips-n-goes… ANYWHERE!”
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