Volleyball tournament: Part 1

Crafty Daughter on the court

It’s 8:11 p.m. and Coach Dad is due any minute with our two girls. Crafty Daughter had a volleyball tournament about 1.5 hours from home. She has a tournament about 3 weekends a month. Yep, this will be our life through high school. Sporty Daughter is following in her footsteps. She’s 10 so her tournaments are more local. Her turn to play is tomorrow…stay tuned for Post Part Deux tomorrow.

Last night I had to make a decision. Go to all-day tournament with the family. Or. Stay home with my son. I chose the latter. My son is 5. He’s a good sport about watching the girls’ games.

Here’s the rub. The tournament started at 8 a.m. They left at 6:30 a.m. The tourney ended at 6:30 p.m. And now it is 8:15 and they are not home yet. That is too long for a 5-year-old. I could have gone in my husband’s place, but our daughter likes to have her dad on the sidelines. He was her coach for the last two years. Our daughter is on a different team, with a new coach. Her dad is a familiar face. I would probably say the wrong thing…apparently sporty-types don’t say “Good Luck” because sports is not about luck. As a non-sporty person how am I supposed to know this? Where is the handbook “Raising a Sporty Child for Dummies.”

Sporty Daughter Receiving Her Medal from Coach Dad

So, my son and I had a great day together. 3 meals, 1 play outside with a toy rocket launcher, 2 haircuts, 1 trip to WalMart, 2 turns on the wii without his sisters bothering him or him bothering them — and now we sit waiting for the rest of the family to come home. Good times…only I wanted to see my daughter play. I made the right decisison…it just wasn’t the decision I wanted to make.

Sometimes a snack keeps Adventure Boy going.

Sidenote: In the fall when he played soccer at the crack of dawn, I made the girls come to most of his games. Fair is fair. He liked seeing them on the sidelines…curled up in lawn chairs half asleep when they wanted to still be in bed. Family!

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