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Are you attending the TypeAMom in Asheville, NC? Look for me as I will be handing out postcards for free Yoursphere memberships. I’m also giving away free memberships — Enter below! 

I’m relatively new to blogging and product promotion. Yoursphere was one of the first ads I clicked that mentioned “Mom” in the title. I have blogged about Yoursphere, tweeted/Facebooked/LinkedIn-ed it, and promoted Yoursphere to the moms and dads in my community. I’m even running fundraisers at my children’s elementary and middle schools. I’m proud to call myself a Yoursphere Mom Rep! Yoursphere is generously sponsoring part of my trip to the conference. Thank you, @MaryKayHoal, founder of Yoursphere! 

Facebook. MySpace. Text Messaging. As the mom of a preteen AND a teen, I am constantly thinking of my daughters’ interactions online. I keep tabs on each child’s e-mail account. I have not allowed either daughter to get a Facebook account. I know I am doing the best I can. But, I knew eventually one of the girls would want to join an online site like Facebook or MySpace.

When your children are little, finding friends is easy. We met little friends at play groups, music classes, or the park. The mom and I would exchange numbers. Later on my children would come home from school with scrap of paper that said “Can I play?” — I would call the classmate and set up a playdate. As kids get older it gets harder to keep track of who your child is interacting with at school, sports, and activities.

Imagine trying to keep track of your child’s online connections. As a socially connected mom, I HAVE a hard time keeping track of who I know and who I don’t know. I’m in a fog of friending on Facebook and LinkedIn. My child should not have to sit at the computer and figure out how she knows a person who is trying to friend her. Too scary.

Here’s the thing. Yoursphere is a safe place for your kids to interact online. My daughter loves the friends she has made on Yoursphere. She writes articles — she’s actually a paid writer for Yoursphere. She interacts in a safe online environment. No predators. No adults posing as children. Yoursphere is just for kids and teens through age 18. Check it out!

Do you want to learn more about Yoursphere? Click here.

I have a Yoursphere membership for everyone who enters this giveaway. Thanks to Yoursphere’s generosity! This is unheard of in giveaway circles!Interested in winning a membership to Yoursphere? The only requirement is that the winners must agree to blog about Yoursphere from the parent OR child’s perspective. I wish I could enter!

Enter here. Leave an e-mail address with at least one entry, so that I can contact you.

– Leave a comment letting me know the ages of your child or children who are eligible to be on Yoursphere, ages 9 through 18. Sorry kids can’t join Yoursphere until they are 9.

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