#Yoursphere Is Now Free…Use Code YSMC-0051

I have worked with a social networking site for kids and tweens as both a paid and unpaid spokesmom. Yoursphere is a social networking site for kids by kids. No adults allowed. Oh an by the way it is FREE! https://yoursphere.com Sign up using code YSMC-0051

As a mom of a 7-year-old, 11-year-old, and 14-year-old I cannot avoid the internet. The big kids want to be online. Even my youngest clamors to be on the computer. It’s summer and when the kids are not outside or at the pool, the lure of the screen is huge. I monitor the TV shows they watch. I decide which movies are appropriate. So why wouldn’t I do the same for the internet?

Here’s an article from my blog: https://www.musingsfromme.com/spreading-the-news-about-yoursp…

Yoursphere is FREE. Sign up for free membership using code YSMC-0051. You don’t need the code, but if you use it you and I will both be entered in to a drawing for a gift card. YSMC-0051

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