What Are Your Family Guidelines? Your Code of Ethics?

Here’s our list…sure to be added to as the kids grow older.

  • Phones, laptops, e-mail, and Facebook accounts will be checked as needed. The kids know that we need to have their passwords.
  • My girls are 14 and 11. Both have had phones since 11/12. We have many conversations about phones, texting, sexting, e-mail, and Facebook etiquette.
  • I have not friended the older one on Facebook. She only got her account when she turned 14. I debated friending her, but decide to have ongoing conversations with her about Facebook.
  • The kids can go to the homes of people I don’t know but I need to (1) know that an adult will be present and (2) meet the adult at the door as I drop off.
  • I will leave my girls home alone, but I won’t leave my girls and friends home alone.
  • No cooking while I am out unless kids have proven diligence about standing beside the oven during the cooking process. Until then microwave is the safest cooking device.
  • Kids can stay home alone from 10 onwards depending on how safe and confident the child feels.
  • Before going to a home where I know the parents drink or have an open bar in the basement area where kids will be sleeping, I have a conversation with the kids about not drinking any alcohol. The kids know that they need to call me if they see people drinking. I tell them to tell the parents of any drinking, but I don’t want the kids to get in any dicey situations at someone else’s house. You know how tempestuous teens can be.
  • I don’t care what friend has what item. Kids know that whining doesn’t always work.

What are your family’s guidelines? Leave a comment.

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