#BlogHer #BlogHer10 Sponsorship Needed

BlogHer ’10.

I wasn’t sure I would be able to go. I did not have the cash to buy a ticket in February. Within days I deeply regretted my decision when BlogHer was sold out. But, really I did not have the money so buying a ticket would have been foolish.

How could it be that a conference would sell out so many months in advance? Well, it did.

The more I heard about BlogHer the more I realized that I needed to be there. I still did not have the money for a ticket, but needed to go out on a limb. I looked at my options. An EXPO pass looked as though it was the best option. Except that I considered it too late. The Expo passes sold out.

In desperation I grabbed helplessly at a Cocktail Parties pass. I needed to have a BlogHer reservation number to RSVP for the parties and the Cocktail Pass provided me with a number. Phew…at least I had something.

To my surprise, two weeks after grabbing the Cocktail Parties pass I got off the BlogHer waitlist. I was thrilled to buy the pass.

I still don’t have the money to pay for it, but by golly I have the pass. Which is where you might come in. If you are a brand looking for a blogger to sponsor to BlogHer, I am the blogger you need.

Here’s why…

I will represent your brand at BlogHer in the following ways:

  • If you decide to sponsor me, I will spread the word about your brand.
  • I will review your product/service/brand on my blog. I will host a giveaway for your product. I will promote the review and giveaway post through my social media presence and to my offline community.
  • In the month prior to BlogHer (July), month of BlogHer (August), and month after BlogHer (September), I will write two posts per month about your brand and your brand’s sponsorship of me on my blog.
  • I will run an ad on my blog for your brand for 1 month.
  • I will wear your clothing or a t-shirt with your company’s logo for one day during the conference or during my everyday life. I am a t-shirt wearer.
  • Due to the change in sponsorship policy, I will not be able to hand out coupons, swag, or any other promotional items, but I will be able to place your brand’s logo on the back of my business card.
  • At conferences, I typically meet, talk to, and hand my card to between 100 and 150 people. I will talk up your brand to the women I meet at BlogHer, as well as to people in my everyday life.

Here’s What I Need from a Sponsor

You can sponsor me for all or part of a conference. Here are my expenses:

BlogHer 10 – August 5-7, 2010

Conference Ticket — $310

Travel by Train (round trip) – $260

Ground Transportation — $50

Hotel Accommodations — $600

Total:     $1,220

I am looking forward to attending BlogHer ‘10. It would be an honor to represent your brand at either or both of these conferences. I am ready to be your SpokesMom. If this proposal is interesting to you, I would be happy to discuss it further. If you are interested please contact me at JillAnneBerry @ msn.com

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