Writing Tips for 1st Graders Who Hate to Write

I suffer from terrible writer’s block on this blog. I go for a few days without writing. I have no such problems when I leave a comment. I am positively overflowing with ideas. It is as though the blog post is a writing prompt.

My 1st grader may or may not have writer’s block. He may or may not have handwriting issues. He may or may not be stubborn as a mule. He may or may not be a task avoider. All these things may be true, but he needs to write in school, at homework time, for pleasure.

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My 1st grader has handwriting that is all over the place. I found lined paper for him with ridged rules to keep his writing within the lines. He knows what he wants to say, writes it, but without the ridged rules his writing can be hard to decipher. Once he uses the ridged rule paper, his writing in the composition book is SO much better. Here’s a link to purchase a set of Mead Writing Notebooks. My son rocked the notebook with the raised rules. He learned quickly to write within the lines. I also found paper where the child writes each letter in a box. I will move on to this paper mid-summer.

My 11-year-old is a different matter. I am thinking of starting a private blog for her. I will have her use it as a journal. I might add writing prompts, but may see how she does with it on her own. One thing is for sure, she loves to type! Update: She starter her own blog and she is writing a play!

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