wii Did It!

After months of wondering, pondering, and fretting over this pruchase. We broke down and bought it. It was expensive, but I am looking forward to some good old family time with a brand new games system. Of course my kids are arguing over whose turn it is…ahhh family time at its finest!

The system comes with a few key games…boxing, tennis, golf, etc. I wonder what passersby thought upon seeing my hubbie and I boxing…hmmm glad I did not have a photo of that.

We added wii Play so that we could get another controller. I had to run all three to bed last night.

So far we have not stepped outside all day. O.K. may be that is a bit of a drawback–the family members rooted to the floor or couch playing games. On the plus side all three kids have just finished three months of swimming, so may be they need a break. Justification at its best.

Girl 9 is heading to Divisionals on Sat. She’s swimming the IM. She looked great at the annual Novice Meet on Monday night. The Novice Meet is for swimmers who have times below a certain time. She is a good swimmer, but can still compete at this meet. All three had a good meet. My oldest…not a lover of competitive swimming–won three rosettes by placing in all three of her races and my youngest won his backstroke heat. All heat winners receive a large playground ball with their name and time on it. All the kids prefer this ball to a medal or a rosette. My son did not even place in his races, but he thinks he did well because he won his heat. Girl 9 won 2 first places and 1 third place. For her year-round swimming pays off.

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