There Is Always a First Time…

Borrowed from Mom to 2 Boys:

1. Where is your cell phone? purse…kitchen counter…gaww I hate calling my phone from my home phone to find my phone

2. Your significant other? snoozing on couch…trying desperately not to yell at kids for being uhhh kids

3. Your hair? unwashed

4. Your mother? at home writing a letter to Best of British magazine…not sure about this but highly likely

5. Your father? getting steamed about things political…he will be a basket case in Nov. if McCain does not win

6. Your favorite thing? blogs and reality TV…I think I need to get my own life

7. Your dream last night? N/A

8. Your favorite drink? coffee or Diet Coke

9. Your dream/goal? lose weight

10. The room you’re in? diningroom

11. Your friends? mostly mommy friends, but after 12 years I am getting pickier about the friends that I want to spend time with

12. Your fear? choking on a chicken bone or balconies–no matter the height

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here

14. Where were you last night? watching reality TV, playing the wii, reading blogs

15. What you’re not? thin

16. Muffins? chocolate

17. One of your wish list items? money

18. Where you grew up? England and America and Italy

19. The last thing you did? organized kitchen cabinets

20. What are you wishing? money

21. Your TV? quite big

22. Your pets? none

23. Your computer? Gateway

24. Your life? content

25. Your mood? content

26. Missing someone? a family member

27. Your car? blue

28. Something you’re not wearing? bra

29. Favorite store? Target or walmart…I am not picky

30. Your summer? The best one ever

31. Loves? husband, children, and family

32. Your favorite word? discombobulated

33. Last time you laughed? last night

34. Last time you cried? May 10

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