On My Own

Today is my first day in a couple of weeks home alone with the three kids. Prior to this Husband was home or we had our regularly scheduled swim practice.

It’s 10:13 a.m. Everyone has a had a drink, but no breakfast yet. Boy 5 has watched Handy Manny or Mandy as he puts it. Girls 9 and 12 have watched The Next Food Network Star. Girl 12 wants to make pancakes. I am skeptical re the mess, but she is enthusiastic.

The prospect of staying home all day is appealing to me and Girl 12. I have much decluttering to do. She can occupy herself well. Girl 9 usually follows what her sister does. Here’s the eternal problem…Boy 5. He desperately wants to be older and sometimes manages to play on his sister’s level. The rest of the time he cries or gets frustrated. The girls play with him at times, but not all the time. He could do with a live-in playmate. No chance of a little brother for me…I am done with babies!

I need to run errands this afternoon, then we have our end-of-year swim party with trophies and dinner prepared by someone other than me! I will need a stiff drink to tackle an errand with the three kids…it is odd I usually don’t have all of them with me. Wish me luck!

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