One Down, Four to Go

Boy 5’s bedroom is painted and reassembled. All I need is a Fathead on the wall. Debating between Nascar or Redskins. I want to have a wall decoration to grow with him as he is only 5.

Next stop Girl 9 almost 10. Need to use a whole lotta a primer to cover up hot pink walls and Marie the Cat border. Note to self: Beware of decorating a room entirely in Disney characters at age 5 years…by age 7 child will detest said character.

Girl 12 is not due for a bedroom makeover yet. I plan on letting her rearrange her furniture, and remove some items, such as the detested door beads. I can’t tell you how many times I have almost snagged a shirt or a sweater, not to mention after I had laser vision correction and I was fearful that I would gouge my corrected eyes on the dreaded door beads.

After that I have two bathrooms to paint. I will wait until childrena re in school to start this project.

This is it for the practical, must-do projects. I can only dream of the new kitchen and the hardwood floors.

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