Three Directions…Four If You Count Me

My husband is at work this week, which means I have to take the children to swim practice all week. I actually like sitting around and chatting to the other moms or reading my book. Boy 5 is much easier this year…less mischief. He has a little friend on the swim team and a couple of buddies at the pool.

The problem…and yes, with me there always is a problem… After the practice, all of us wanted to do something different. Girl 12 was ready to go home and do her own thing…I’ve never known a child more able to amuse herself. There are days when I think she could live by herself. Girl 9 wanted to have a swim team friend over or stay at the pool to play with the friend. Boy 5 wanted to play tennis. Mom 43 wanted to hang out at the pool reading a book, but sadly housework and laundry was calling.

So I left the pool with one happy child and two mopey ones. We’re home now and all seems well.

I even got the children to do some cleaning up. My oldest loves to clean her bathroom…I think she is finally getting grossed out by all the toothpaste slobber in the sink.

I think we might head back to the pool for a barbecue or a “grill” as my 5-year-old puts it.

The absolute magic about joining a pool is that I don’t have to plan our day. We have practice and then we either come home or stay at the pool.

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