Why Is the Beginning of the School Year So Tense?

Well, it is Day 4 of the new school year. The first day of school went off without a hitch…well except for some confusion with bus stops in the a.m. All was resolved with the bus stop by the p.m. run. Some items of interest from the first 4 days:

– My 5-year-old proudly boarded the bus with his bus shaped tag and looked thrilled to finally ride the bus with his sister. He has waited his entire life to ride the school bus…now he gets his wish.

– After 3 days of not bringing any school papers home…he brought home a “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” collage…phew I was getting worried. I like seeing a backpack filled to the brim with papers. No, I don’t like filing the papers, but I do like seeing the papers.

– My 5th grader did not get the coveted back seat of the bus that she has waited her school career to get. She was a little chagrined to say the least. Two girls and two boys get on the bus before her. On the way home all the kids have to have the same seats.

– My 7th grader brought home a contract from each teacher for me to sign. As I signed each contract I reiterated that she NEEDS to do all homework and HAND in all homework. She was not pleased with me at all.

– My 5th grader left her math binder at school with her homework in it, of course. Oh, no here we go again.

– My 5-year-old told me he does not want to bring PBJ or anything with peanut butter for lunch as he has a friend who is allergic. He wants to sit next to this friend…how sweet.

– I sent cut up celery for lunch…my 5-year-old thought it was olives!

Well, tomorrow is Day 5 and I would say that all is going well for us.

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