Why Do I Keep Returning to Chuck E. Cheese?

My 10-year-old (10 today–where did the time go) loves or should I say lurves Chuck E. Cheese. It’s not the mouse, the pizza, or the playland that she likes. No surprises…she loves the games and more specifically the tokens which beget the tickets which lead to the prizes. She “earned” 508 tickets. She actually came away with a fairly good selection of prizes…glasses with nose and moustache, huge sunglasses, stretchy lizard, lollipop, and some other items. You know just the usual.

This is the 3rd year in a row we have gone to Chuck E. Cheese for her birthday dinner. The other two usually choose Chevy’s or McDonald’s. Nope…neither of these are my 10-year-old’s favorites. She must have the land of tickets and cheapo prizes.

For the record Chuck E. Cheese is not cheap. We paid $30 for a so-so cheese pizza, 4 drinks, and 100 tokens with a coupon. Years ago 100 tokens would have been enough for the 3 kids. When my son was around 2 or 3 he would only use 10 tokens for the rides. I bought another 100 tokens. Then, I got creative. I brought in all 3 kids’ grade reports from last school year…15 tokens a piece…thank you very much. I then used a printout certificate for a “good visit to the dentist/doctor”…another 10 tokens each. I purchased a salad and received more free tokens.

So all in all a good two hours. The 10-year-old was beaming in the car coming home…she wore her glasses with moustache and made her voice sound like a man. She added an “o” to the end of her name and renamed herself with a male version of her name. She’s 10, but very far from becoming a teenager…thank goodness!

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