My Family Needs a Mission Statement–STAT

I left this as a comment on a blog I discovered through The poster was feeling down about a messy house. I know a messy house. I tried to sympathize with her that once her children got older she could do something about her house. Do that all over spring clean. Purge those closets? When kids are young it is hard to do much more than a “10–second tidy.” ANY ONE KNOW WHAT KID’S TV SHOW THIS LINE IS FROM? Answer in the comments section.

My comment morphed in to a mission statement for my family. I plan to print it out and post it in my kitchen. Will my children read it….will my husband take it seriously…will I follow through with it. I don’t have the answers, but will give it a good ole college try.

My response to

Give yourself a break. Your children are quite young and in the home. Once the children are in school for a full day you will find that you have the time to do major overhaul of stuff. My youngest started kindergarten last Monday. I am astounded by the amount of trash that I put out on Friday.

Also, children not at home during the day make less mess…woohoo!

[FAMILY MISSION STATEMENT]I have made a pact with myself to remove all nonessential furniture from all rooms in my house. By this I mean I will leave couches, end tables, beds, dressers, and bookshelves. I will remove occasional chairs, mismatched tables, and any other receptacle that do not have a purpose and/or become a resting places for cups, mail, newspapers, bags, etc. I am tired of backpacks, shoes on the floor. I plan to make a “home” for everything. I am also requiring my children to pick up clothes and toys from their bedroom floors and make their beds each day.

I hope I can live up to the above mission statement!

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