When Was the Last Time I Blogged?!

When was the last time I blogged? I’m being overly dramatic. I posted Friday. And I posted again today. But I haven’t done the regular almost-everyday posting for a while. Life keeps getting in the way of me blogging about my life. Irony, yes?

So what have we been up to? I’ll start with Spring Break.

  • Spring Break started with a bang as we road tripped to Philadelphia for the teen’s volleyball tournament. We hoped to squeeze in a college visit or two a long with some sightseeing.
  • All was well…we did a fly by to the University of Delaware. Didn’t stop, but drove through as much of the campus as we could on Thursday evening. Friday morning was all about volleyball–NEQ at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Once the morning’s games were over we hopped a double decker bus for a windblown tour of Philly. We saw the Franklin Institute, the Zoo, the Rocky steps, and the art museum before heading back to the hotel by way of the Reading Terminal Market.
  • Our tour guide made it clear that Pat’s and Gino’s were not THE Philly cheesesteaks. After sampling a couple of cheesesteaks from a vendor at the Reading Market, I have to agree with her. Plus we didn’t have to hang on to our food for dear life as the wind whipped through Pat’s Steaks. The pizza steak was very good.
  • Back to the hotel room for a nap and reading, then dinner in the hotel bar.
  • All seemed on track for a great weekend until the early hours of Saturday morning when I was violently ill. I didn’t leave my sickbed or the bathroom until we checked out late Sunday. Ugh. The only plus was that the kids and Coach Dad did not get what I had.
  • Once home — I have to say that traveling in a van when you are sick is no fun — I slept for hours before waking on Monday exhausted and still sick. So it was off to the ER for me. After a couple of hours wait, I was actually feeling much better. The liquid potassium was yucky, but replaced much needed fluid loss.
  • Plans to go out of town again were put on hold.
  • Since we weren’t going out of town the kids were able to take on two pet sitting jobs.  Having the daily doggie duties was a welcome distraction from the sickness of the early part of Spring Break. Though we couldn’t go anywhere due to needing to look after doggies, the kids had a great time.
  • The Kid turned 10!! Writing this sentence still seems a little unreal. Can he really be 10?! I started blogging when he was 5. Wow!
  • We celebrated with cake and a dinner delivery from his grandparents. We’ll plan his party for later in the spring.
  • Oh, and I almost forgot that he got the WiiU for his birthday. Perfection since we are having a staycation. In fact, that last time we had a staycation he was 5 AND we got the Wii. It’s a theme with the Musings from Me family!
  • Sadly, today it is back to normal. Three kids are back to school. I’m back on carpool detail. The doggie owners are back in town. The kids are sad that doggie duty is over. Fun while it lasted.

So how was your Spring Break?


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