Musings from Me Spring and Summer Gift Guide: Carmex Healing Cream and Carmex Hydrating Lotion #skincare #carmex

The car temperature display showed 47 degrees this morning. Granted it was 6:45 a.m. But it`s April 8. Isn’t it supposed to be spring? Not according to the temperature gauge. This winter has to go down as one of the most varied on record. One or two snowfalls that deposited a measly 3 inches of snow on the ground for a whopping 24-hour period. Barely enough to crate a couple of snowballs…let alone a decent snow man. But wind, we have had such strong, cold winds. I can deal with wind as long as there is snow. Cold windy weather without snow is quite miserable. I was “chilled to the bone” cold for the entire months of February and March. And then just when it looked like we were having the coldest winter on record, we would have a warm spell. Ski jackets were swapped for sweatshirts. Boots ditched for flip slops. And pants swapped out for shorts. Not for me mind you…while I stayed wrapped in blankets and scarves, the kids were all decked out for spring…until the warm spell snapped back in to cold weather. The kids are still wearing their spring duds even though it is quite cold. Kids?! Weather?! Ugh.

All of this up and down weather does a number of my skin. I’m constantly noticing dry skin areas. Mostly on my face, but also on my hands and feet. My poor heels are like sand paper. I need to give my hooves some TLC before summer comes. I might tear a hole in my pants!

I’m a Carmex Blog Squad Member. I was sent a couple of Carmex products to help with what the cold winter weather can do your skin. The wind and cold weather can wreak havoc on your skin. It’s very important to use products that are specially formulated to heal dry, rough skin during these frigid winter months. I reviewed Carmex Healing Cream and Carmex Hydrating Lotion. I must give both two thumbs up. My skin felt rehydrated and refreshed. The damage wrought by the winter cold snaps was soothed by both the Carmex Healing Cream and Carmex Hydrating Lotion. Just like the Carmex #1 pharmacist-recommended lip balms, Carmex skin care products are loaded with healing ingredients to deliver deep hydration and serious moisturizing power. The Carmex unique formula is sure to repair the driest, roughest skin, even in the most extreme conditions.

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I was not compensated to write this post, but I was sent review samples and a Carmex hooded sweatshirt. The views expressed in this post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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