What Laws Would You Pass If You Were President?

A day late and a dollar short. Yep, that’s me. I’m not one to jump on the bandwagon when it is still moving. Nope. Generally I wait until said bandwagon is at a virtual stop. Wouldn’t want to be trendy, now would I? No, not me.

So it is fitting that I am jumping on the “happened on President’s Day” Linky “What Laws Would You Pass If You Were President” two days late. Better late than never as my grandma used to say.

So here goes…in no particular order…here are the Laws I would pass if I were President:


  • I would establish preschool for all children.
  • I would make class sizes in K-5 schools no more than 20 kids.
  • I would also limit the class size in middle school, especially for on-grade level classes.
  • I would require that on-grade level students have extra instruction in math and language arts in the late elementary and middle school years.
  • I would require schools to provide computers and internet access to all students with a family income under a certain limit. Why? My teen does hours of homework. Most using teachers’ websites, Quizlet, turnitin.com, and other sites. I DO NOT know how she would do all her homework if she had to share a computer with the rest of the family or not have internet access. We have FIOS. I am so grateful that my kid doesn’t have to rely on the school or library computers to get homework done.
  • I would make the start time for high school no earlier than 8 a.m.
  • I would require colleges and universities to reduce college tuition. Because have you seen how expensive college is these days?


  • I would make health care available to all either through health insurance from an employer or through public assistance. No one should have to do without health care.


  • I would make it a rule that if you enter the United States illegally you have to return to your home country. No ifs and or buts. Here’s why: I entered the U.S. first as a resident alien, second on a student visa, and finally as a resident alien. I had to apply for the right to become a citizen. I didn’t automatically receive citizenship. I had to follow the rules of this country in order to become a citizen.


  • I would require teen drivers to have a bumper sticker or car magnet with the words “Learner Driver.” Works in the U.K. No reason why young drivers shouldn’t give others around them.
  • I would require drivers in their 80s and up to take a driving test to check their reflexes and reaction times.

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