What Does The View Look Like To You?

I finished a post about General Hospital an hour ago. Wait? I wrote it an hour ago. How is this possible? What have I been doing? Twitter….ahhh yes I can get lost over there with no problem at all.

Getting lost on twitter is a good AND bad situation. On the good side, I have met a large number of moms, brands, and businesses, simply by hanging out listening/reading other people’s conversations or by participating with other people. On twitter it is possible to lose time. Poof…an entire morning is gone. That would be the bad side — losing precious time while kids are at school and I should be working.

As a WAHM, I do a little work after the kids go to bed. Well, sometimes the tween and teen are still up, but both can entertain themselves. I don’t watch much TV at night since I am hooked to the computer. I do have a laptop, but I am not a multitasker. On Mondays, I watch 24 with my husband, but cannot watch and write. So, I watch then write. Works for me.

On evenings when I can’t watch I read twitter updates. Popular shows use a hashtag…#24, #idol, #glee, #hoarders. I read tweets from people who watch The View. I catch the show every so often on TV, but do read tweets about the hosts, drama between the hosts, and the guests.

I want to like the show, but I am conflicted. The show is so different when Barbara Walters is in charge. She has a take no prisoners attitude. She can be harsh, out-of-touch with people, or prickly. Barbara Walters is also an excellent commentator/interviewer. You cannot forget that she blazed the trail for women in the broadcasting industry.

When Barbara is not on the show, the ladies can get wild, silly, raunchy, and aggressive with each other and guests. All 4 co-hosts seem to have their own agenda for how the show will work. I find it entertaining to watch the show.

As a new View watcher I want to watch the show to get to know more about what the hosts want for their show. I think it might be an exciting ride!

The View AmbassadorSo, I applied to be a The View Brand Ambassador. As an Ambassador, I will watch the show, tweet about the show, and find out what intrigues me about The View. I’m excited!

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review.

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