Do as I Say Not as I Do…

I am about to call myself “Kettle” after yelling at my kids about papers, trash, and dirty undies on their bedroom floors. I walked in to the master bedroom and spied the following:

  • 7 blankets in plastic zip bags
  • 1 inflatable guitar
  • 1 massage chair
  • 1 lantern
  • a pile of clothes for consignment
  • a pile of clothes for Purple Heart
  • 1 football with autograph pen
  • dust bunnies — too many to count
  • assorted cords for various devices
  • a water glass
  • and so many more nonbedroom items.

Shaker ChairsNow if only I could purchase Shaker chairs for all rooms, hang said chairs from wall hooks, and purge our house of all clutter. Ahhh…clear floors. Then I could vacuum without accidentally vacuuming ipod cords, paper, shoelaces, stuffed toys, slippers. I will attempt to vacuum tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Editor’s note: It’s tomorrow and I never vacuumed. Tomorrow?

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