Easy, Peasy Ideas for a 3/4-Year-Old’s Birthday Party

3 – 4 years is a great age. Girls of that age love any kind of craft. Pick a craft that does not require glue as kids have a hard time squeezing bottle, plus will be upset when crafts don’t stick together. Avoid Oriental trading-type crafts as they are too complicated.

Craft ideas:

  • Have kids stick stickers on paper. Put crayons and markers on tables. Good freeform activity. Ice breaker too as kids who don’t know each other will chat while coloring.
  • Stick foam stickers on a foam hat, picture frame, doorknob hanger.
  • Print coloring sheets in the theme of the party “unicorns, princesses” from internet sites. Good for adding to the goodie bag or as an activity.
  • Pinata — pull string only. You don’t want 3 yos using sticks to hit an object!
  • Pass the parcel. Buy 10 of the same item (buy enough for each kid). Wrap one item in about 10 layers of paper. Sit kids in a circle. Play music. Stop music so each kid can unwrap gift. Make sure each kid has a turn. Stop on birthday girl. Believe it is better this way….don’t want to have birthday girl/boy in tears…ever! Once present is unwrapped, give each child the same item…sunglasses, sticker sheet, whistle, tiara.

Kids at this age want to have fun. Activities don’t need to be elaborate. Keep party short. Enjoy!

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