I’m a General Hospital Brand Ambassador…or one of the #ghmoms!

General Hospital Brand AmbasadorMy elementary school friend and I met over Thanksgiving break. I did not drive so she did the driving. We went from the mall to lunch. As 3 p.m. approached, my friend started getting antsy. She was anxious to get back to her house. I asked Why? She said she wanted to watch General Hospital. Who was I to argue? Home we went.

I recall very little from the show I watched. Here’s what I recall… Luke and Laura sitting in an ampitheater. In Greece or Rome. There’s a villain or a spy or a henchman following them. This person has a “black spot.” The black spot is either Bubonic Plague or a spy tracking/listening device. Since this is Luke and Laura, I am going to go with the spy device.

Fast forward a couple of years…just after I got married. I did not live with my husband, so I was surprised when we moved in. He set up the TV and VCR almost immediately. We started a tradition of watching GH while we ate dinner. Our townhouse was tiny. Basically, downstairs the was divided down the middle by the staircase. On one side a kitchen and an office. On the other side a combined living room/dining room. We could sit at the DR table and watch the TV.

I am sure I made my husband go crazy with my constant questions. He had started watching the show when he was a teenager while his grandmother was sick. He knew the plotlines…characters…intrigue. I did not. I was soon up to speed.

As newlyweds with difficult jobs, watching GH allowed each of us to wind down. I rarely asked him about his job, and he rarely asked about mine. He was a teacher at a school for emotionally disturbed teenagers. I was an editor a publishing company — many deadlines, awkward authors, and cantankerous co-workers. GH gave us something save to talk about.

This past week was classic General Hospital. Sonny is in the thick of it again. He actually did not kill anyone in this storyline. In previous episodes he has done some horrible things. It seems as though everyone is coming to Sonny’s defense. Why? I don’t know.

I love the resolve of Dante. Poor guy is injured, but cannot get a moment’s peace as he has to deal with Carly coming to his room and badgering him to take his dad’s side. I hope that Dante testifies against his dad.

While I feel for Michael after recovering from his injuries, I strongly feel if you do the crime you need to serve the time. It will be interesting to see how the trial against Sonny unfolds.

Questions for my readers. Why do love General Hospital? Do your friends watch GH? How would you persuade a friend to give GH a try?

I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other General Hospital branded items to facilitate my review.

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