What a Difference a Day Makes..

I posted yesterday about my frustrations with my son. Well, two things happened: (1) today was a huge improvement over yesterday, and (2) I got two great suggestions on how to help him “get with the program.”

One suggestion was to have a jar and a container of marbles. For every thing my son does right — he gets a marble. I love this idea. In fact, I had been thinking of the same thing. Nanny JoJo on SuperNanny had the same idea for a family of 4 unruly kids…each had a jar and the mom or dad added marbles for doing good deeds and chores.

Today I wrote my son’s good behaviors on one side of a chart and his bad ones on the other side. I think he was in to the idea of having more on the “good” side than on the “bad” side. I’m not a fan of calling behaviors Good and Bad but — people — I am desperate here! I’ll do what I need to get him back on track. He’s a good kid…very strongwilled, but very bright. I’ve gone through this once before with my oldest. I’m ready for the battle!

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