Like American Idol, Sunday Was a Winner

Sunday Blast from the Past — My 9-year-old with her Monkey Toaster Strudel circa 2005.

Sunday could not have gone any better. Let’s review shall we…

  • Kids let us sleep in.
  • Kids did not argue — too much — while downstairs alone.
  • Kids got dressed for church in a timely and relatively nonwhiny fashion. I could have critiqued wardrobes, but really at least they were dressed.
  • We managed to get to church just after Mass started — I come from a long line of late-to-church-goers…but at least we go!
  • Coach Dad made a delicious breakfast post-church….yummy, artery clogging breakfast fare. (As an aside I love that he cooks breakfast, but I’m not overly fond of scarping the fat out of pans. Kind of a breakfast turnoff.)
  • Coach Dad elected to do the volleyball run for Crafty Daughter…I was ready to go but he thought he might be able to help coach the team in the absence of the coach.
  • Adventure Boy did some Webkinz time — he’s getting the hang of the game.
  • Sporty Daughter practiced the clarinet with minimal fuss from me…she shared that she is First Clarinet in her school band. Yay, her!
  • Watched The Incredibles — not anyone’s first choice, but enjoyable. Quirky film.
  • Dinner — nothing to write home about, but at least another meal for the masses.

Finale of the evening — family viewing of American Idol. We watch and all choose our top 4 with our overall winner of AI. We have picked winners since my son was crawling. Sporty Daughter started this tradition. She maintains the overall list on the fridge and updates it after every episode

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