But, Mommy Melted!

Like most children, my children have their times when they don’t want to go to bed. Overall we have had an easy time of the bedtime woes, but every now and then we have a night of excuses. In random order, our Top 10 Excuses for Not Wanting To Go To Bed:

  1. “My room is cold.” Translation: “No, I don’t want a blanket I want you to come and lie with me.”
  2. “I want to wait until Daddy comes home to go to sleep.” Translation: Daddy needs to get home STAT.
  3. “There is a noise outside my window.” Translation: We live in a heavily windy area. On a slightly windy night it sounds as though our siding is coming off in chunks.
  4. “I want to sleep with my sister.” Translation: Yes — on a weekend. No — on a school night. Mommy is no fool.
  5. “Something sure smells good!” Translation: That romanatic dinner for two is not happening if a three-year-old smells dinner cooking.
  6. “I need to put this book in my backpack or do homework that I forgot was due tomorrow.” Translation: Grrrr. Why do kids always remember something homework-related after bedtime?
  7. “My CD player is broken.” Translation: “I want to listen to Magic Tree House the Opera–uhh–Musical for the third time.” Yes, there is such a CD. And yes it is as awful as you might imagine.
  8. “I need to get Build-a-Bear Koala Bear in firefighter outfit, the Bluey animal from Dr. Seuss, Elmo, and 7 Barbies before I can go to bed.” Translation: All of the above will be in different rooms of the house or even in the minivan. Happy Hunting!
  9. “You know that shirt I like with the blue on the front…I want to wear it tomorrow.” Translation: This shirt will be one that she took off just a minute or two ago. The turbo high-speed washer and dryer has yet to be invented.
  10. “But, Mommy melted in my dream.” Translation: Of all excuses, this is the Big Daddy of them all. My daughter woke up screaming and was petrified. My husband had to walk her in to our bedroom to show her that I was alive. I’m a heavy sleeper and slept through the brouhaha.

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