March Is National Reading Month

10-year-old reads Teen magazine on plane to Disney while 8-year-old looks over her shoulder.

If you have kids, hop on over to to pledge how many minutes you will read to your child. I have one nonreader — I pledged that I would read to him for 30 minutes a day for 30 days. I’ll let you know how we do with this. He is starting to read a little on his own, but still likes to be read to. This pledge reminded me of this memory…

My oldest daughter — now 13 — loves books. Loved reading them. Loved being read to. Taught herself to read at 4. Has not stopped reading.

My fave moment of reading was a time when we were in Waldenbooks with her. She was in the stroller and caught sight of a book called Welcome to the Big Comfy Couch. She loved this TV show. She started chuckling. We looked at our 18-month-old and wondered why she was chuckling. We noticed that she was reaching for a book on a display rack. We were floored that she was able to tell from the cover that this was a book she wanted. My other two never watched this show, but this book will always be in her keepsake box as the first book she chose for herself.

My friend @kikarose is giving a LeapFrog Tag Reader at her review blog.

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