We Survived!

We survived our skiing trip. Yay! So, let’s recap…no one was injured, everyone had a good time, and we arrived home in time for Julia’s volleyball tournament. I would say that “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” was an accurate description of our trip.

There were a couple of downsides. My legs were screaming in pain…O.K. not really, but you get the idea…on the last run of the day. I have wierd blisters around the tiop of my legs from snow plowing. 4-year-old was upset that we did not take him on the Polar Express or any other chair lift. I am upset that his instructor took him on the chairlift as it set up an unreasonable expectation for 4-year-old. His instructor was able to ski with 4-year-old in front, I am not able to do that. I tried different ways to test to see if 4-year-old was ready, but I was scared to death of getting up the mountain and getting stranded with 4-year-old. He cannot stop himself while on skis and cannot get up either. I think his coat and ski pants were too bulky. At least he wasn’t cold!

On the upside…the girls had a great time. 12-year-old especially. Her competitive spirit took to skiing immediately. She fell very rarely and was able to do quite a few runs down various hills. 9-year-old was cautious and a little intimidated, but she came through in the end and kept on going. I think she wanted to keep up with her cousins.

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