I am officially not an every day poster…too busy reading other blogs. I wonder if I should start posting my blog name on other sites as I sign guestbooks. Not sure if I want to open myself up to criticism and comments from others. Without a guestbook it feels as though I am writing just for me, which is the whole purpose…I guess!

This weekend has come together. We are staying at a Quality Inn, which is close to skiing. I have scheduled a lesson for all three children. James will have a private lesson and so will the girls. Still not sure if James will participate…or not. I’ll hope for the best. I think we will all be tired by Friday evening. We’ll ski Friday afternoon, then all day Saturday.

I said I would wait until the children were older–check–and I was exercising more–also, check. But, why I am so nervous that I will fall down and injure myself. I do not need a broken anthing!

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