O.K….should I feel guilty that I have checked my e-mail three times, read a couple or 7 blogs, worked on my jigsaw puzzle, all while my son has played two computer games? I did spend quite some time exiting one game and installing another. But still essentially my 4-year-old is on his own with the computer. I also fixed a crockpot meal and done last night’s dishes. I keep wondering if I should be doing more with him.

I only have a few months before he goes to kindergarten. I am hesitant to play with him as he wants to play with me and the toys for a long time. I try to play a game with him each day or do a craft. Well, overall he has had more of my attention than the other two children, so I shouldn’t feel so guilty.

I think the crux of the matter is that I am anxious for my class to start. Then I will have something “official” to do. Right now I should be learning more of Indesign, but I am not. The call of the internet and all of those funny blogs is too much!

I wonder when I will get a comment?

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