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A couple of weeks ago I was invited to the launch of the WE CAN! joint initiative of NIH_and_Subway.

To recap
NIH stands for National Institutes of Health

Subway is that great sandwich shop with Jared Fogle as the spokesperson. If you recall Jared lost weight eating Subway subs each day.

The event was a PEP rally for local school children led by Jared; Laila Ali, former boxing champion and Dancing with the Stars finalist; and Tab Ramos, Olympic soccer star.

PEP stands for

Play more
Eat right
Push away the Screen

We CAN! stands for

Ways to
Activity and

Now that we have the facts, I’d like to explain to you how the WE CAN! Program helps me and my family. If you are like me, you strive to create a healthy lifestyle for your children. And if you are also like me you succeed most of the time, but then there are those days when there are too many activities in the evening and there isn’t time to cook. On these nights I’ve been known to grab whatever food is available and make a meal. Sometimes it isn’t the healthiest food. But, I always know that I will do better at the next meal.

I provide my children with opportunities for play and exercise. I encourage my children to eat healthy meals both inside and outside the home. I limit their screen time. But, inevitably we have that day when the TV is on all day.

So, Subway/NIH sent me a huge box of toys to help my family get active. The box contained:

  • $10 Subway gift card
  • jumprope
  • velcro paddleball
  • inflatable t-ball plus ball
  • butterfly net
  • sidewalk chalk
  • bubbles
  • frisbee
  • butterfly garden seeds
  • soccer ball
  • baseball
  • playground ball

Since it is National TV Turn-Off Week, I’d like to giveaway another box of toys and a $10 Subway gift card listed above to help your family Play more, Eat right, and Push away the screen.

Are you ready to take the PEP Pledge? Here’s Jared from Subway and Laila Ali along with a group of school children from the PEP Rally with their PEP Pledges. Jared, Laila, and the kids pledged to Play more, Eat right, and Push away the screen.

To enter the giveaway:

Leave me a comment on how you plan to keep your family active and healthy. I plan to keep the TV off as much as possible during weeknights, so that we can play outside more. What are you going to do?

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