Another weekend, another volleyball match. This weekend the teen didn’t just practice she played and played and played game after game. Infact the preteen played as well. How nice to have two kids playing volleyball on the same weekend. Only one small teeny tiny insignificant problem. The girls played in two different states. Neither was Maryland.

What started as a family weekend away at the teen’s #volleyball tournament, morphed (this is my absolute fave word of the day/week/month) into the preteen, the kid, and Coach Dad heading to Richmond, VA, while the teen and I motored as planned to Lancaster.

The logistics of the dual weekends took significantly longer to plan than the above paragraph took to write. Hotels were booked. Itineraries planned. 5 separate suitcases were packed. Snacks were rounded up. Things to do were stuffed in various things that carry things.

After much ado, my teen and I headed to Lancaster in the wee hours of Saturday. We left uncharacteristically early and arrived at the tournament early. So early that I wondered if we were at the right location. My New Years’ resolution¬†is still going strong…Be.On.Time. The husband, preteen, and kid set off shortly after we did.

So began one of the oddest weekends we have ever experienced as a family. More details to follow.

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