And Theeeeeyyyyy’rrrreeee Back!

The Musings from Me family is now under one rooof. The Lancaster crew got back in last night. The teen and I had a leisurely night and day of peace and quiet before the Richmond group came running in to the house. The house went from “you could hear a pin drop” to “Ow, Ow, my ears!”

But, it’s good to have everyone back under one roof even if I did have to go in to full Mommy mode. Full Mommy Mode? FMM goes from asking questions in a quiet voice to inquiring in a more concerned voice to yelling. I’d like to get rid of the yelling part of FMM, but all I can say is…I’m working on it. I’m a work in progress.

I needed my FMM as Monday night had to become our Sunday night due to the holiday. Sunday night is all about getting ready for the week.

Homework? Is it done?

Backpack? Is it packed?

Jacket? Is it hanging up by the door?

Shoes? Are the shoes you need for tomorrow by the door at least or in the shoe rack as I hope?

Lunch box? Is it on the counter?

Tonight…FMM resulted in dinner on the table, homework and backpacks done, and kids in bed. Phew!

Great weekend. Good for me to spend time with the teen. Great times for Coach Dad to watch the preteen play volleyball. The kid? Well, the kid was part of the Richmond crew. He loved being with dad. I know he was bored with watching some of the games, but I packed MANY, MANY, MANY activities for him to do while at the convention center where the volleyball tournament was played. His time for doing sports away from home will come soon enough!

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