Researching Prices Online Leads to Savings

See how much snow is piled up in front of our porch!

See how much snow is piled up in front of our porch!

I’m not a shop every day type of person. I shop here and there for what we need.

My grandmother grocery shopped every day. I recall my Grandma leaving her house with a leather shopping bag and a fur hat to shop for dinner and for lunch the next day. It was fascinating to me as a kid visiting from America to watch her purchase very small quantities of bacon, 3 or 4 eggs, a small loaf of bread, some meat for dinner, and a handful of new potatoes. I was used to watching my mother do a weekly supermarket shop at Pathmark in Edison, NJ.

Daily grocery shopping is one of my fond memories of the summers I spent in England with my grandmother. I am not a daily grocery shopper. I’m not a weekly shopper either. I buy in bulk at membership warehouses, but buy milk and dairy products at the supermarket as needed.

Now when it comes to big ticket items, my strategy is to find search online for the item or items I want. Once I find the item I want I then look for shopping deals. I won’t pay full price on ANYTHING. I want deals. I want free shipping. I want discount codes. Basically I want it all!

My teen’s Christmas list was a masterpiece. We have a family rule that each child can only ask for 5 items from Santa. Now the teen no longer believes in Santa, but she is keeping up the charade for her brother and sister. Her top must-have item was a North Face ski jacket, her backup item was a Lands End ski jacket. Once I found the two ski jackets online, I compared shopping prices. I purchased the jacket from the site with the cheapest price…plus I found a free shipping code. Win!

A year ago I found a good deal on a freezer. I never thought we would need a freezer until we started doing the majority of our shopping in bulk. Our kitchen fridge couldn’t handle the sheer quantity of frozen items, so we searched for freezers. The freezer we chose is never empty — always an abundance of foods for dinner, breakfast, or even movie night!

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