Check It Out If You Are a Mom of Tweens or Teen

I thought I knew everything about social networks. Well, almost everything. O.K., O.K., I know a thing or two and that is it. Until one day on twitter when I saw a tweet about…hmmm. I had never heard of it, but the name alone made me smile. Sounded interesting, too. A social network for Moms of Tweens and Teens. With a preteen and a teen, I was very interested to find out what the site was all about.

You may think that little kids are hard to handle…I thought that when had a bunch of little kids. But, I am here to tell you that tweens and teens will give you a run for your money. They may be able to feed, clothe, bathe, and toilet themselves, but the tantrums…the whining…the pouting…the disagreeableness…might just make your hair turn gray. Not that I would know anything about gray hair… 

My tween and teen can be sweetness and sunshine one minute, but the shadow can fall to reveal a cranky, grumpy, and disgruntled tween or teen in no time flat.

I started two groups on Momster:

mopChores for Tweens and Teens deals with issues from how to get kids to do chores to should you pay kids to do chores to should your child pay for cell phone service with money earned from chores. Stop by and leave a comment, start a discussion, and meet other moms of tweens and teens! Go to Momster to join. Go here to join group on Chores. Come on over and introduce yourself!

Kids Playing ComputerI started the group Online Safety & Social Networking for Tweens/Teens group to raise awareness for the need for continued vigilance with kids online. Go to Momster to join. Join Online Safety & Social Networking for Tweens/Teens here. Let’s get the discussion going about protecting our kids online!  

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