Conferences, Conferences, and More Conferences

Over a year ago, I had barely heard of blogging.

I had a blogspot blog that I started when I created a blog for a design class. I let the design blog lapse, while continuing to write on the personal blog. The posts were interesting to me, but I knew that I needed something more. I started clicking around to other people’s blogs. I wonder which blog I clicked to first? How could I find out?

Blissdom 10As I clicked on blogs, I first noticed the writing style of each blogger and then the buttons. So colorful. So shiny. One click led to another. Soon I was on twitter…on Facebook reuniting with English friends, college friends, and even neighbors who I don’t see on a regular basis…writing for TypeAMom…doing reviews for One2One Network. At about the time my plate was full of new ideas and assignments, I heard about #Blissdom and Blissfully Domestic.

I was unable to commit to writing for another site at the time, but I followed the tweets for #Blissdom09. I’d never heard of a blogging conference, much less attended one. Soon I was reading tweets from Blissdom, SXSW, BlogHer, and many others.

I made it to one conference in 09 — the #typeamom conference. As a regular contributor, I was desperate to go. I am so glad I did. Those who were at TypeAMom said it was very like Blissdom — small number of attendees, enriching sessions, and an all-around good vibe conference.

As 2010 begins, I would love to commit to go to one conference at least, but money is an issue. I obtained sponsorship for TypeAMom from two sponsors, which was good….but I am still waiting to be paid by one of the sponsor, which is not good. 

Speaking of clicking on blogs, I clicked on Mom in the City tweet link about a Blissdom ticket giveaway. Squee! I would love to go to Nashville for this conference. I missed out on the Disney Social Media Moms Conference registration. Again flights for 5 would have been difficult, but I just could not take my kids out of school for 3 days. So sad to miss this fantastic opportunity. Being a grownup is hard!

How will I follow my bliss in 2010?

– Keep on bloggin’

– Keep on reviewin’

– Keep on postin’

– Love my job, but need to be more focused.

– Figure out what I like best about my “job.” Commit to doing my best at whatever I choose.

Basically, I will follow my bliss to see where it leads me!

4 comments for “Conferences, Conferences, and More Conferences

  1. January 16, 2010 at 12:14 am

    Love this. You sound like you’re in a great place! 😉

  2. January 18, 2010 at 12:56 pm

    I hear you with the conferences this year. While I LOVED going to type a mom conference and woudl love to go to at least one i 2010, unless finances change or I get a sponsor I will be going to blogher and thats it.

    the money is one thing but its too much of pain trying to cobble together child care for my daughter.

    so like you just keep bloggin and networking

  3. Victoria
    January 22, 2010 at 1:23 am

    I wish you the best of luck cuz I am sure there are going to be tons of giveaways for blog conferences coming up soon! Think positive! 🙂

  4. January 22, 2010 at 5:51 pm

    I really wish I could have gone to Blissdom this year. As it is, though, I am attending BlogHer (free ride! Woot!), the Casual Blogger’s Conference (I’m speaking), and Bloggy Boot Camp in Baltimore (because it’s here and I had fun at SITScation in Vegas last year).

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